william Shopkins Collection

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This collector has a total of 125 Shopkins,and helped add 4 Collector Notes .

william Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 5 Seasons,24 Teams,9 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

william's Shopkins Collections consist of 125 Shopkins from 5 Seasons,24 Teams,9 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

This collection has 110 unique shopkins and 15 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin NameShopkin Team
Apple Pie SliceBakery
April ApricotFruit and Veg
Asbury RaspberryFruit and Veg
Barb B QueGarden
Barbie Breakfast MuffinBreakfast
Berry SmoothieSweet Treats
Berry Sweet PancakesBreakfast
Bethany BroccoliFamily Food
Betty BootShoes
Big ToppingPetkins
Big ToppingPetkins
Bonnie BeretHats
Brittney BrownieBakery
Button MushroomFamily Food
Cara Carrot CakeBakery
Carmel ToppingSweets
Casper CapExclusive
Charlie Cheesex2Breakfast
Cheeky CherriesFruit and Veg
Chilli PeppaFamily Food
Choc E. Tubsx2Sweets
Choc KissSweet Treats
Choc N' ChipSweets
Cindy BunBakery
Cinnamon SallyBakery
Clicky MouseTech
Creamy Cookie CupcakeBakery
Cuppa CocoaSweet Treats
Cuppa CocoaSweet Treats
Drinky DrinkPetkins
Drinky DrinkPetkins
Dum Mee MeeCharms
Fiona FriesInternational Food
Flappy CapHats
Fleur FlourBakery
Freezy BitesSweets
Gabby GamerTech
Ginger FredSweet Treats
Grace Baseball BatSweet Treats
Herb L. TeabagBreakfast
Hillary HarpMusic
Hillary HarpMusic
Ice Cream KateSweet Treats
Ice Cream QueenSweet Treats
Jane FrameHomewares
Jilly Jam RollBakery
Juicy OrangeFruit and Veg
June BalloonParty Time
June BalloonParty Time
Kane SugarBreakfast
Karen CarrotBakery
Katie SkateboardSport
Khia BoardMusic
Lippy Lipsx2Charms
Lynn LampHomewares
Madeline Muffinx2Breakfast
Marty Party HatParty Time
Mel T MomentBakery
Melissa Milkx4Bakery
Millie ShakeExclusive
Miss SprinklesSweets
Molly MopsCleaning & Laundry
Nilla SliceBakery
Nina NoodleFamily Food
Olive Oilx4Breakfast
Olivia OilPantry
Patsy PastaFamily Food
Penny Wishing WellGarden
Peta PlantGarden
Peta PlanterGarden
Peta PlanterGarden
Pippa LemonBreakfast
Plucky GuitarMusic
Polly Parsleyx3Breakfast
Polly PianoMusic
Polly PolishCharms
Polly PolishCharms
Rockin' ChocSweet Treats
Rockin' Chocx2Sweet Treats
Royal CupcakeBakery
Royal CupcakeBakery
Sadie SoccerballSport
Sadie SoccerballSport
Sam Soyx2Family Food
SconnieInternational Food
Scoopy OneCool and Creamy
Sharon ShoeAccessories
Smarty PhoneExclusive
Snug UggShoes
Spilt MilkCharms
Stella StaplerStationery
Suacy PanHomewares
SweepsCleaning & Laundry
Sweet CornFamily Food
Taylor RayneHats
Taylor RayneExclusive
Teary OnionFamily Food
Teena CatfoodPetshop
Timmy Tomato PasteFamily Food
Tiny TissuesHomewares
Tiny TissuesHomewares
Tiny TreeGarden
Walter Watering Canx2Garden
Wedgy WendyShoes
Whistle WilmaPetkins
Winona WafflesBreakfast
Woody Garden ChairGarden