WolfieJewels Shopkins Collection

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This collector has a total of 164 Shopkins,and helped add 8 Collector Notes .

WolfieJewels Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 8 Seasons,37 Teams,19 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

WolfieJewels's Shopkins Collections consist of 164 Shopkins from 8 Seasons,37 Teams,19 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

This collection has 144 unique shopkins and 20 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin NameShopkin Team
Apple BlossomCharms
Barbie Breakfast Muffinx2Breakfast
Becky Birthday CakeSurprise Party
Bella Mozzarellax2Family Food
Berry Sweet Pancakesx2Breakfast
Bessy BaseballSport
Betsy Butterx2Bakery
Betty BootShoes
Betty CassetteGlitzi Dancers Tribe
Beverley HeelsShoes
Bianca BananaGlazed Fruit Tribe
Big ToppingPetkins
Block Ice Cubex2Breakfast
Blushy BrushExclusive
Bop TopExclusive
BubblesSweet Treats
Button MushroomFamily Food
C. Saltx2Family Food
Candy AppleExclusive
Candy KissesHeart'n' Seekers Tribe
Cara Carrot CakeBakery
Carmen Le CremeDairy Wrappers Tribe
Casper CapHats
Cassie Caster SugarBakery
Charlie CheeseBreakfast
Charmin' ChocolatesHeart'n' Seekers Tribe
Cheese KateBakery
Cheri Choc Chip BreadSweet'n'Squishy Tribe
Chilli PeppaFamily Food
Chloe Clown ShoeFancy Dress Party
Choc BudsSweets
Choc E. Tubsx2Sweets
Choc N' ChipSweets
Cinnamon SallyBakery
Creamy Bun-bunBakery
Cupcake ChicColor Change Cuties Tribe
Cupcake ChicCharms
Cuppa CocoaSweet Treats
Cute BootShoes
Danni DanishBakery
Dippy AvocadoFruit and Veg
Fairy CrumbsParty Food
Fizzy SodaPJ Party
Fleur FlourBakery
Floppy HatExclusive
Frost T FridgeHomewares
Gigi Giftx3Surprise Party
Harvey HoneycombSweets
Hattie HatHats
Hattie HatHats
Herb L. TeabagBreakfast
Ice Cream DreamExclusive
Ice Cream KateSweet Treats
Jan PancakePJ Party
Kane SugarBreakfast
Kookie CookieSweet'n'Squishy Tribe
Kooky CookieExclusive
Lippy LipsHealth & Beauty
Lippy LipsCharms
Lippy LipsCharms
Lisa LitterHomewares
Love-lee HandbagHeart'n' Seekers Tribe
Lucy Juice BoxSurprise Party
Lynn LampHomewares
Maddie MaskFancy Dress Party
Madeline MuffinBreakfast
Marabel Music PlayerGlitzi Dancers Tribe
Martha Choc Chip MuffinSweet'n'Squishy Tribe
Mel T MomentBakery
Melissa Milkx2Bakery
Melon MinutesGlazed Fruit Tribe
Millie ShakeDairy
Mini MuffinBakery
Minnie MintieSweet Treats
Minnie MintieExclusive
Miss Mushy-mooFruit and Veg
Miss PrettyRainbow Dreamers Tribe
Miss Sprinklesx2Sweets
Molly MoccasinShoes
Nick Fruit StickGlazed Fruit Tribe
Nilla SliceBakery
Noni NotebookStationery
Nutty ButterPantry
Olive OilBreakfast
Olivia OliveFamily Food
Onion RingFast Food
Pamela CameraGlitzi Dancers Tribe
Pamela PancakeSweet Treats
Patty CakeBakery
Penelope PleatsExclusive
Penny PencilStationery
Peta PlanterGarden
Petite PetalsGlitzi Dancers Tribe
Pheobe ForkGarden
Pippa Lemonx2Breakfast
Polly Parsleyx2Breakfast
Polly PianoMusic
Polly PolishCharms
Polly Pop RingSummer Pool Party
Popcorn KingPrincess Party
PoprockSweet Treats
PoprockSweet Treats
Posh PearFruit and Veg
Primrose PancakesHeart'n' Seekers Tribe
Radio SueHomewares
Rockin' BrocFruit and Veg
Rockin' ChocSweet Treats
Roma Tomatox2Family Food
Rowena Ring BoxGlamour Gems Tribe
Sam SoyFamily Food
Sasha BeltAccessories
ScrubsHealth & Beauty
Shelly EggBakery
Shy PiePetkins
Snoozy Sleeping BagPJ Party
Snow CrushFrozen Food
Soda PopsParty Food
Sparky & FlickerSurprise Party
Strawberry KissFruit and Veg
Strawberry KissGlazed Fruit Tribe
Strawberry KissCharms
Strawberry TopBreakfast
Suzie SundaeSweet Treats
Suzie Sushix2International Food
Sweet CornFamily Food
Swiss MissDairy
Tasty ToastSweet Treats
Teary OnionFamily Food
Timmy Tomato PasteFamily Food
Tiny TissuesHomewares
Tiny Tops Cakex3Color Change Cuties Tribe
V. Nilla Tubsx2Breakfast
Veronica VaseHomewares
Vicki Vanillax2Bakery
Walter Watering CanGarden
Wanda WaferSweets
Winnie Window BoxGarden