Sarah Clayton

Sarah Clayton Shopkins Collection

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This collector has a total of 297 Shopkins, and helped add 10 Collector Notes .

Sarah Clayton Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 11 Seasons, 51 Teams, 18 Finishes, and 5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

Sarah Clayton's Shopkins Collections consist of 297 Shopkins from 11 Seasons, 51 Teams, 18 Finishes, and 5 Rarities.

This collection has 270 unique shopkins and 27 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin Name Shopkin Team
Anna Canada Heels Canadian Cuties
Apple Pie Fast Food
Apple Pie Slice Bakery
B. Nana Split Sweets
Baby Puff Baby
Bailey Baseball Glove Sport
Barb B Que Garden
Bart Beans Pantry
Betsy Butter Bakery
Beverly Hills Exclusive
Big Topping Petkins
Big Topping Petkins
Birthday Betty Bakery
Blow-anne x2 Homewares
Blow-anne Homewares
Blushy Brush Exclusive
Bobby Goggles Exclusive
Boneadette Petkins
Bonnie Beret Hats
Bonnie Beret Hats
Bread Crumbs Bakery
Bread Crumbs Bakery
Bree Freshner Cleaning & Laundry
Brenda Blenda Homewares
Brittney Brownie Bakery
Brittney Brownie Bakery
Bun Bun Slipper Shoes
Burt House Petkins
Button Mushroom x2 Family Food
Cafe Cruz Brazilian Break
Cake Pop Cupcake
Cam Camera Exclusive
Candy Apple Sweet Treats
Candy Bowl PJ Party
Casper Cap Hats
Casper Cap Exclusive
Casper Cap Exclusive
Caterina Hat Spanish Stopover
Chap-elli Health & Beauty
Chatter Homewares
Cheddar Fast Food
Cheeky Cherries Fruit and Veg
Cheeky Cherries Fruit and Veg
Cheery Churro Sweet Treats
Cherie Tomatoe Exclusive
Cherie Tomatoe Fruit and Veg
Chloe Clown Shoe Fancy Dress Party
Chloe Clown Shoe Fancy Dress Party
Chloe Flower Fruit and Veg
Choc E. Tubs x2 Sweets
Choc N' Chip Sweets
Chocky Box Exclusive
Choco Lava Bakery
Chris P Crackers x2 Pantry
Chucho Chilli Sauce Mexico Amigos
Claire Chair Homewares
Clutch Fashion
Comfy Chair x2 Homewares
Corniella Mexico Amigos
Creamy Bun-bun Exclusive
Creamy Cookie Cupcake x2 Bakery
Croissant D'or x2 International Food
Cupcake Chic Charms
Cuppa Cocoa Sweet Treats
Cuppa Cocoa Sweet Treats
Cute Boot Shoes
Daisy Donut Exclusive
Dennis Ball Petshop
Dennis Bat Sport
Dishy Liquid Cleaning & Laundry
Dressica Exclusive
Dribbles Baby
Dry-anne Exclusive
Earring Twins x2 Petkins
Earring Twins Petkins
Edgar Eggcup Homewares
Edgar Eggcup Homewares
Eggchic Petkins
Elle Cake x2 Into India
Fancy Fascinator Fashion
Fifi Flour Pantry
Fifi Fruit Tart Bakery
Fish Flake Jake Petkins
Flappy Cap Exclusive
Flappy Cap x2 Hats
Flushes Homewares
Flutter Cake Fast Food
Freezy Peazy Frozen Food
Frost T Fridge Homewares
Gigi Gift Surprise Party
Ginger Fred Sweet Treats
Ginger Fred Exclusive
Gino Gelati Italian Tour
Grace Baseball Bat Sweet Treats
Hattie Hat Hats
Herb L. Teabag Breakfast
Hillary Harp x2 Music
Hillary Harp Music
Hot Chocco Cupcake
Humpty Dumpling Exclusive
Humpty Dumpling International Food
Ice Cream Kate Sweet Treats
Ice Cream Queen Sweet Treats
Iris Icing Sugar Bakery
Isadora Ice Cream Brazilian Break
Jasmine Rice Family Food
Jellie Bean Exclusive
Jelly Snake Exclusive
Jen Jug x3 Homewares
Jiggly Jelly Sweet Treats
Jiggly Jelly Exclusive
Jilly Jam Petkins
Jilly Jam Roll Bakery
Jilly Jam Roll Bakery
Joanie Donut American Vacay
Jules Accessories
Karen Carrot Bakery
Kelly Calculator Stationery
Kiki Coconut x2 Brazilian Break
Kris P Lettuce Exclusive
Kylie Cone Exclusive
Lammy Lamington International Food
Lana Banana Bread Bakery
Lana Banana Bread Exclusive
Launa Mower Garden
Le'quorice Sweet Treats
Lil'smores x2 American Vacay
Linda Layered Cake Bakery
Linda Layered Cake x2 Bakery
Lippy Lips Health & Beauty
Little Pet Collar Petshop
Little Teapot Cupcake
Lola Gondola Italian Tour
Lola Lollipop Exclusive
Lotta Balloons Surprise Party
Ma Kettle Homewares
Mabel Syrup Petkins
Macca Roon Fast Food
Macca Roon Sweet Treats
Macca Roon Sweet Treats
Madeline Muffin Breakfast
Mallory Watermelon Punch Picnic Party
Mandy Candy Exclusive
Margarina Exclusive
Marshmallow Twirl Exclusive
Marty Party Hat x2 Party Time
Mary Meringue Bakery
Mary-kin Cap American Vacay
Max Saxophone Music
Mel T Moment Bakery
Meltin Muffin Cupcake
Mike Rophone Music
Milk Bud Petkins
Milk Bud Petkins
Minnie Mintie Sweet Treats
Miss Pressy Exclusive
Mixie & Maxie Homewares
Molly Moccasin Shoes
Mr. Muffin Cupcake
Nappy Dee Baby
Netti Spaghetti International Food
Nilla Slice Bakery
Noni Notebook Stationery
Pancake Jake Sweet Treats
Pancake Jake Sweet Treats
Parmesan Pete Family Food
Party Popper Gleamtastic Holidays
Patty Pam Cupcake
Pauline Palette French Adventure
Peachy Fruit and Veg
Peachy Exclusive
Pecanna Pie Bakery
Pecanna Pie Bakery
Pee Wee Kiwi Fruit and Veg
Peely Potato Fruit and Veg
Penny Wishing Well Garden
Peta Plant x2 Garden
Peta Planter Garden
Peter Exclusive
Pheobe Fork Garden
Polly Polish Charms
Polly Polish Health & Beauty
Polly Teapot Homewares
Polly Teapot Homewares
Poprock Sweet Treats
Poprock Sweet Treats
Pretty Cake Stand Cupcake
Prickles Garden
Prickles Garden
Pup E Brush Petshop
Queen Of Tarts Bakery
Quilty Boot Exclusive
Rainbow Bite Party Food
Raylene Rainbow Exclusive
Rayne-bow x2 Exclusive
Rolly Roll Exclusive
Rowena Ring Box Glamour Gems Tribe
Royal Cupcake x2 Bakery
Sadie Soccerball x2 Sport
Sadie Soccerball Sport
Sadie Soda Fast Food
Sam Soy x2 Family Food
Sarah Fairy Cake Fancy Dress Party
Sarah Softner Cleaning & Laundry
Sconnie International Food
Sconnie Exclusive
Scoopy Two Cool and Creamy
Secret Sally Stationery
Shades Exclusive
Shanghai Shoe Chinese Travelers
Shoes-anne Shoes
Silly Chilli Fruit and Veg
Sneaky Sally x2 Shoes
Sneaky Sally Exclusive
Sneaky Wedge Exclusive
Snippy Stationery
Snorky Sport
Snorky Sport
Snug Ugg Exclusive
Snug Ugg Shoes
Soda Exclusive
Sonny Sunscreen Summer Pool Party
Spencer Sponge UK Holiday
Spilt Milk Dairy
Sprinkle Lee Cake Sweet Treats
Sprinkle Lee Cake Sweet Treats
Strawbaby The Berrisons
Sumo Snow Ice Japanese Journey
Super Celery Fruit and Veg
Suzie Sundae x2 Sweet Treats
Suzie Sushi International Food
Sweet Corn x2 Family Food
Sweet Pea Fruit and Veg
Sweet Snacks American Vacay
Swiss Roll x2 Cupcake
Taco Terrie International Food
Taco Terrie International Food
Tara Tiara Princess Party
Tasty Toast Sweet Treats
Tasty Toast Sweet Treats
Teary Onion Family Food
Teenie Tv Exclusive
Tia Ice Cream Taco Mexico Amigos
Tiara Exclusive
Tiny Tissues Homewares
Tiny Tree Garden
Toast T. Warm Breakfast
Toastie Bread Exclusive
Toasty Pop Homewares
Toni Timer Exclusive
Toni Topper x2 Hats
Toni Topper Hats
Toni Topper Exclusive
Tutu Cute Exclusive
Veronica Vase Homewares
Veronica Veggie Pizza Family Food
Vicki Vanilla Bakery
Vicky Vac Exclusive
Vicky Vac Homewares
Walter Watering Can Garden
Walter Watering Can Garden
Wanda Wafer Sweet Treats
Wanda Wafer Exclusive
Wanda Wafer Sweet Treats
Washa Homewares
Wendy Wedding Cake Bakery
Will Barrow Garden
Wise Fry Fast Food
Wishes Fast Food
Wishes Exclusive